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posted : February 20, 2006 Post subject: Working as a DM
Does anyone have anything positive to say about training to DM and beyond. All I keep hearing is that people work for free as instructors and DM's. Surely there must be some sort of wage paid in resorts abroad. Okay, I am not expecting to get rich doing this, but who are all these people who work for nothing, lottery winners?
Getting a little perplexed by all the negative press I keep reading, as I am soon off to do my training, and would like to think there is something out there for me when I complete my training.

posted : February 22, 2006 Post subject: Working as a DM
Ruth, If you really want to earn money as a DM you are better off working here in the U.K. If you become an instructor that gives you more to offer and you can usualy find work somewhere around the world though it still doesnt pay much, its all to do with the lifestyle, though some places you work can feel abit like a factory.
Trying to work overseas as a DM and get paid is very tough usualy the DMs come from that country.
I did it for awhile then gave up and became a commercial diver more money but divings crap!

PETER J - Werrington
posted : March 1, 2006 Post subject: Working as a DM
Hi ya,

Well that makes 2 of us then... im 52.... thinking of doing the DM and IDC course out in Cyprus in Sept... with the plan to live and work abroad.... so any advice is welcomed


posted : March 4, 2006 Post subject: Working as a DM
I was lucky enough to land some work as a DM while i was out in Australis, but i do conside myself extremely lucky, it was simp,y a question of being in the right place at the right time.The majority of people i worked with where local instructors, all of which had ohter skills they could bring to the operation. If you speak another language, have exceptional sales and people skills then these may help, otherwise to be honest it is extrmely hard to find paying work, what you must remember is that the operators usually get there pick from local IDC cousres etc, also where i was working age and appearance as well as experiance had a lot to do with the hiring policies, after all, it is a business.I would never try to discourgae people from trying, but never bank on it, ask yourself one simple question. What specail qualities can i offer the divers and or potentila employers.

posted : March 7, 2006 Post subject: Working as a DM
top advice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted : September 22, 2006 Post subject: Working as a DM
never heard so much negativity!!!!!!!!!
i agree with some of the things people are saying though, ive worked as a dm mainly in Asia, and it isnt a moneymaking profession. Although most companies would pay instructors, and some offer free accomodation and other perks! like someone mentioned this is (abroard) a lifestyle career! if you love travelling then what better hobby/job! In Vietnam there are oppurtunitys, check out sailingclub divers, Rainbow Divers and maybe coco divers... couldnt tell you details. It seems if you want to make any money (at least in asia) then opening your own divecompany is the way forward, if you love diving and you know its for you then its not an all out dream, just a relativley small investment. think positive ay! ;)

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