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posted : February 19, 2006 Post subject: UK Diving Employment
Anyone know how easy it is to get instructor or DM work in the UK, and how does it compare paywise internationally.

posted : February 23, 2006 Post subject: UK Diving Employment
Hello you will need a HSE medical, Insurance, pays crap.
working as a DM will cost you.
Sorry for putting you off

posted : February 24, 2006 Post subject: UK Diving Employment
sorry to be negative but our dm's get 10 per day after having been trained.
during dm training its free labour

posted : March 4, 2006 Post subject: UK Diving Employment
Sorry again, but people are right.
there are exceptionaly few people that make a good living from teaching diving, i dive and know plenty of highly trained instructors right through to mixed gas and course directors, most struggle to make ends meet and at best they get the costs of there own diving covered.It's normal for people to want to do this for a living when they are new to it, but the reality is that it is a very tpugh industry, and the peolpe that do make money tend to work for large centres and or own there own complete diving centres, not just intructing. Donr give up on your dreams though, diving can still be rewarding and offer a great lifestyle if not all the ricjes you could ever want :-)

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