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posted : February 14, 2006 Post subject: Flippers
Why is it that divers call flippers-fins?. I have yet to receive a credible explanation and please do not say 'Flipper is a dolphin'. The whole of the English speaking world calls them flippers its only divers that chose not to and they must represent a tiny minority of users when you consider that most people have owned a pair of 'Flippers' at some time in their lives when snorkling. To me fins sounds strange as a fin on a fish is not used for propulsion it does that with its tail! Why must I be continally corrected when it is divers that misuse the English language!

posted : February 15, 2006 Post subject: Flippers
as far as i can tell, its got to do with the old dolphin program "flipper". I have NO idea where it started, but i think divers like to distance themselves from the idea of being led around by lassy-esque dolphins...

i mean... *ahem* we're far more grown up than that... *snigger*

posted : March 9, 2006 Post subject: Flippers
I agree Dugster, having had sets of flippers as a kid and using them to explore the underwater world pre-scuba, I find it hard to listen to the abuse from fellow divers now when I "mistakingly" use the term "flipper" now.
Absolutely bonkers!

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