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posted : February 13, 2006 Post subject: HID or LED
Can someone help...don't know which way to turn - I am in the market for my first 'good' torch - I probably will opt for an umbilical but which way to turn LED or HID...I want beam adjustment and at least 2-3hour burn time with as little recharge time as poss...has anyone experienced both types and which did they prefer and why...thanks

posted : March 3, 2006 Post subject: HID or LED
Hi there,
as someone that works with lighting for livin i will try and give you a few pointers
led tend to be regarded as tougher lamps ans they use a sytems on may light emiting diodes to produce the light, these are robust and if one fails there is normally many more still in use, they geneerally have great power savings over standard halogen lamps and are better even than HID lamps, the main disadvantage is the lack of power in comparison to a HID

HID lamps are far more powerfll in my experiance and five a longer and cleaner beam i have found, the 10w versions have excellent burn time, and i get 3-4 hours out of mine depending on water temperature etc, i use HID as my main torch and for my video lights, but do have a small LED torch as my back up.
In summary, i would go for the HID, but it does come down to choice, hope this helps you somehow.

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