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posted : February 4, 2006 Post subject: PADI disillusioned...
I'm right on the verge of passing my PADI DM course and being encouraged (as you'd expect) to beign my AI course as soon as possible.

Until recently I wouldn't have questioned this route, however in my area (Berkshire) I've seen nearly all the PADI outlets I knew of go out of business in the last year.

Now the one I've been learning with is also going under. I may be too close to it but PADI seem pretty unconcerned.

I look at their website these days and it's poor at best, looks old and is sluggish.

Other than that, they really are just a name that I recognise - and assume that as a DM I'll be required to pay an annual fee to keep my DM certification.

I wondered whether anyone on here has any close links to PADI and can explain what they actually do in this country. I have gone very swiftly from considering setting up my own dive business to wondering whether to just have it as a holiday habit...

It seems to me that all they do is take money. The instructors do the teaching, the students pay for the books/dvds and PADI sits back on a fat arse because it thinks it put enough promotion in years ago so that everybody 'has' to be PADI to dive abroad.

As you can tell, it's getting on my t*ts a bit.

I'm happy to hear opinions to the contrary, I'm just feeling a little let down at the moment. Watching my local dive shop go out of business is a bit like watching my childhood sweetheart get slapped in the face...

Your thoughts welcomed.

posted : February 8, 2006 Post subject: PADI disillusioned...
I have similiar feelings on this. And something that annoys me is: ''Deep Breath'' I have dived alot all over the Med and ALOT! of places have PADI banners etc flying on their boats and shops but about 10% of them are genuine. Why doesnt PADI pursue things like this.?!

I would advise doing a BSAC Cross-over course after your DM course to cover your back. They seem to have alot more going for them, better clubs and backup i feel.

I would love to set up a dive business too but i have the feelings you do on PADI. from the cert cards you fill in to get your qual's PADI get 12 the rest gos to the instructor. So i think they are just happy sitting back and letting everyone else crack on.

But no PADI shops etc down this way have gone down under - touch wood.

posted : February 9, 2006 Post subject: PADI disillusioned...
Well good to know I'm not the only one then, though it's good to hear business isn't suffering too much where you are...

The guy who owns the shop where I go is considering switching to SSI - anyone have any opinions on that? I'm concerned that no-one's heard of em, so no-one will want to pay money for an SSI cert.

posted : February 9, 2006 Post subject: PADI disillusioned...
SSI??? Yep what is SSI.. lol

posted : February 10, 2006 Post subject: PADI disillusioned... - Scuba Schools International...

A BSAC/PADI competitor. Just doing some research now but I'm confused as to whether it would limit a diver's opportunity to dive abroad if all you can find is a PADI centre...

Have asked them directly - will let you know their response. :-)

posted : February 12, 2006 Post subject: PADI disillusioned...
PADI is internationally reccognised and seems to be a standard that can be utilised by anyone wishig to dive. I am PADI and have reaped the benefits of their global reccognition so can see the benefit of the organisation, however I do believe that with such a potentially dangerous sport that an internationaly reccognised standard to protect members, instructors & organisations alike should & could easily be set up. I do feel for people that go to holiday destinations & are made to take exams that are already covered by their own organisation.

posted : February 15, 2006 Post subject: PADI disillusioned...
i've got to admit i've had thoughts along the same lines. Looking at the Padi Advanced course (i'm only Open Water Atm) it seems like a total rip off. Its just another wrung on a very the very expensive padi ladder. I got my Nitrox cert from another company and the only ones i'd think about doing is cave or shipwreak diving as they require a bit more knowhow. Personally i think the only two courses they offer of any real help are the rescue diver and open water certs!

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