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Mike W
posted : January 29, 2006 Post subject: Battery life in cold water.
Hello to all. Just have a dilemma on my hands. I am new to the underwater photography world and have started using my Canon Ixus 400 camera to try and take some underwater photos. I thought I would try to shoot the vanguard at Stony Cove but once in the 7 deg water the camera would not switch on as the battery appeared to be flat. When I got home and tried the camera it worked fine. I am guessing the cold caused the problem but how do I get around this. Any ideas/tips?

posted : March 4, 2006 Post subject: Battery life in cold water.
Hi there,
I have similar problems with my video housing, there seems to be little i can do except i find that genuine batteries work better than OEM models, and that keeping the camera,batteries and housing as warm as possible before the dive helps a little, not much help i know, but all i can think of for now, i will check back again to see if anyone else as any bright ideas, as my scapa coverage gets shorter every dive :-)

posted : March 20, 2006 Post subject: Battery life in cold water.
If there's enough space in the housing you could try using one of those charcoal pocket-handwarmers to raise the temperature a little??


john nicolson
posted : May 1, 2006 Post subject: Battery life in cold water.
I used to have an Ixus in a cannon housing and never had any batt problems in cold water. the batt is pretty well insulated from the cold by the camera and the housing u might have a diff problem

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