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posted : January 27, 2006 Post subject: Drysuit training?
I did my OW course in australia, and now im back in the UK and want to continue my diving experiances, I hear that I need to do a drysuit course before I can get wet.

What does the course involve? Does it take long?

Many thanks.

posted : February 13, 2006 Post subject: Drysuit training?
A course? Yes buy one and go diving! You have a choice of a membrain or crushed neopreme drysuit.

posted : February 15, 2006 Post subject: Drysuit training?
A little cavalier I think James!

Buy one and do the training it's what they do the courses for. Courses usually consist of one confined water dive followed by two open water.

Not sure?

How do you get out of an inversion?
How do you cope with a stuck dump valve?
Emergency air dump?

You can answer those at your leisure after the course or during an uncrolled ascent from 25M.

Just my opinion of course :)

posted : February 16, 2006 Post subject: Drysuit training?
gotta agree with carly here

do the course before killing yourself! sorry to be blunt but safety first.
most schools will let you hire a drysuit after you have done the course as dry suits can cost anything from 300 - 2000.

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