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posted : January 14, 2006 Post subject: Scallop Diving in Scotland

I am interested in starting as a Scallop diver in NW Scotland.
Finding info. is quite hard and I am hoping someone with experience will be willing to correspond?
I am just after the basics like, how many dives does the weather allow per season, what depth are most scallops found, how many can you pick in a session etc. etc. and of course... would you recommend it as a new career. I'm in my 30's with no committments and I would describe myself as hard enough to cope with the cold and bad scottish weather. I actually want a tough life to stop me getting middle aged!!.
Many thanks in advance

posted : January 15, 2006 Post subject: Scallop Diving in Scotland
Hi Risso

I work as a scallop diver on the west coast of scotland, as my father has done before me. I'd be pleased to give you a few pointers. Email me at, and I'll see what I can do. Seems you already realise why scallop divers are such a rare breed, successful ones anyway. Not so sure it keeps you young though....!

jason coogans
posted : April 26, 2006 Post subject: Scallop Diving in Scotland
hallo im jason iv been a scalop diver for 5 years,ill be straight with you if youve no experiance in scaloping and want a business in it youre going to go through some hard times,the west coast has been been hammerd by some of the best divers around,mike tye and his divers from oban and bill camble and his son colin from the isle of jura,have been fishing for a combined 70 yaers between them,thats 3 of the best,if you can get experiance and some one who knows areas in witch to fish,and to get some one like that youll struggle,its a fishermans water out there,no one is likely to give you info,you might get bits here and there from some people,but in my experiance always do the opposit,ive had alot of compotition with trollers and so called frendly divers,i could go on and on,but if youre realy into it,do it cos its one of the best experiance youll ever have,dive safe jason. if youre looking for a diver give me a call 07887995738, ive no ties and will travel

jason coogans
posted : May 4, 2006 Post subject: Scallop Diving in Scotland
This jason, im an experianced clam and razor diver, if youre looking for more info give me a call, im just learning about computors and sent a couple of reply's to you but god knows whats happend to them,but rest asured that my claming skills are far better then my computing, mobile 07887995738 jason

posted : June 12, 2015 Post subject: Scallop Diving in Scotland
Hi Jason,just been reading the messages here and was wondering if you could give me some advise.I am a qualified dive master and DSD Instructor and would be interested in getting into scallop diving or any type of diving job.could you advise where I could apply.



LSM Diving
posted : July 21, 2015 Post subject: Scallop Diving in Scotland
Hi frayne if you are looking for some diving work email me at cheers

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