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posted : January 13, 2006 Post subject: "Perfect Dive Site"
Hi guys, "What elements make up your perfect dive site?"

I am currently doing a research project into diver's motivations to dive and "what makes the perfect dive site", I am hoping to get aound 100 - 150 small questionairres filled out from divers across the globe to make this a statisically significant study.

I would be vvery grateful if you could reply your answers on this post:

1. Favourite type of diving? e.g. Wreck, Coral Reef, Quarry deep etc.

2. Number these least important to most important in choosing your dive site(number 1 being most important), 2, 3, 4 etc

- wildlife
- Water visibility
- Water temperature
- Reputation and organisation of operator (when using)
- Developed Tourist infrastructure (popularity of dive site)

3. How important to you is it the company or operatoor you choose to dive with tries to limit damage to the environment? (Please number):
1. Very Important
2. Important
3. Slightly important
4. Less important
5. Not important

Thank you for all of your feedback, it is very much appreciaited. Any further questions or comments will be very welcome, please contact

posted : January 13, 2006 Post subject: "Perfect Dive Site"
1. Coral reefs

2. 1 Wildlife
2 Water visibility
3 Developed Tourist infrastructure
4 Reputation and organisation of operator
5 Water temperature

3. Very Important (1)

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