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posted : December 4, 2005 Post subject: DC500 MAXX
Has anyone any experience of using one of these cameras. I would apreciate any feedback.

Dave G
posted : April 3, 2006 Post subject: DC500 MAXX
Hi Graham

I bought a DC500 and a single dig flash unit while on holiday in the Carribean earlier this year. Generally it's not a bad camera - but it depends what you expect for your money and what you're comparing it with. It's made somewhere in China so it isn't a product based on technology from one of the big Jap camera companies so far as I know.In low light the picture can be quite noisy,sometimes it doesn't work quickly (even in 'shark' mode) - but many compacts sufferwith this. You'll need at least one spare battery - on land the battery lasts all day. Underwater = 30 mins or so. However the battery charges up quickly enough albeit only in the camera (I've just ordered two spares from ebay usa at about 8.50 each). The flash unit is brilliant for the price and should work with any u/w compact camera with built in flash - it uses an optical link that never fails.

Eventualy I'll get a dslr probably a Nikon D200- however I'm just back to diving and for 420 I got camera, housing, flash, case and a 150x 2gb sd card which can hold hundreds of 5mb images

A 10mb dslr plus housing plus flash plus 4gb cf card plus lenses = 3000 min. which is great if you're semi-pro or have money to burn.

The DC-500 will help me learn how to photograph underwater, plus I'll be able to sharpen my Photoshop skills (essential in my opinion with this camera).

People with dslrs tell me that I'll get al the problems I'm moaning about now with a dslr - it's the moment and the photographer that makes all the difference.

At least one dive shop I visited rents this model out - the case is rubber armoured so is better than a plain clear housing.

I'll email you some pics if you wish.

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