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posted : September 8, 2004 Post subject: Full Face Masks
Just getting into diving and love it but find that after 30 mins or so I find the regulator mouthpice very uncomfortable and feel like gagging or spitting it out. Can anyone advise a comfortable mouthpiece or weather it is worth investing in a full face mask. These seem available between $99 - $800, are there any safety issues involved with these if used by a recreational diver. Any advice welcome.

james Murgatroyd
posted : July 21, 2005 Post subject: Full Face Masks
Hi Toby

Hope I can help with your question first of all I have a aqualung regulator and the bit is very nice you can also have a moth peace molded to your bit I am sore you would be able to find one on the internet ore you could ask your local dive shop

I also have an ocean reef full face mask which I only dive with now because I like it so much you donít have to bit down on anything you can have communication fitted and breathing is much more natural because you can breath through your nose concerning the safety issues I have had no training what so ever but I have watched traing videos the only safety aspect is if the worst is to happen and for some reason the mask doesnít function properly ore stops delivering air the mask will have to be taken of under water and an alternant air source inserted I have practiced this many time and am very confident with it now although training is recommended I do not feel it is essential. If you where to buy a full face mask I suggest you practice this in shallow water.

I will be selling my ocean reef full face mask at some point if you are interested pleas reply to this message and if you have any other queries

Hop this has helped

posted : December 29, 2005 Post subject: Full Face Masks
Try the Interspiro Fullface Mask. I have found
no drawbacks with it. Many years ago I used the Avon FFM, that is not made anymore.
However, try to do a dive the a FFM before making
the purchase.

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