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posted : November 17, 2005 Post subject: I know someone knows!!!
Hey there,

Firstly thank you for your interest. I have a question that I hope you will be able to answer. I am looking at joining the navy as a diver and have been instructed that they use a carlton Mk 17 rebreather, and have also been instructed to research it along with other things, yet I am unable to locate any information on that particular piece of kit.

I would be grateful of any information that you have available that would assist my search. Also if you have been in the navy or a diver that can offer any comments or advice, these will be greatly welcomed.

Thank you for reading this and I look forward to your response.


posted : December 7, 2005 Post subject: I know someone knows!!!
Try searching on Carleton as that is the way it is spelt.

Also look here but I think its a MK16

posted : January 16, 2006 Post subject: I know someone knows!!!
Hi ya. I in the army and I don't know the info you wont but I may be have some ifomation that will get you what you wont...Under the freedom of infomation act any question that iss submited in writeing with your details on that would not be a risk to sequrity hast to anserd, If you wright to any of the nave departments thay should get you the ifomation, I hope that help's by the way if you wont to dive try looking at the army to the enganers and logistics have divers. Steve

posted : January 20, 2006 Post subject: I know someone knows!!!
I am currently in my last phase of joining the Navy as a Clearance Diver. The equipment used is wide and varied, it depends on the environment you are diving. I wouldnt worry about researching the specifics of the equipment. If you are serious then research the role of a clearance diver and the Royal Navy as a whole. Get fit and stay fit, it has a rigerous training program!
The Army do have divers but as stated they are engineers which means that you have to first join as an engineer, learn your chosen trade and then apply to join as a diver - no guarentee! the other thing to consider is that the Army diving role is very different to the Navy's, the Navy is the only service that has a dedicated diving branch.

posted : May 18, 2006 Post subject: I know someone knows!!!
dont worry about researching the kit they'll teach you all that. as the other guy said make sure your fit, you need to be running a mile and a half in about 9.30 mins and be able to do at least 8 chin ups and 16 tricep dips. have a look on the webssite it tells you exactly what the role entails.

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