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posted : October 20, 2005 Post subject: ss richard montgomery
The SS Richard Montgomery is a time-bomb waiting for a terrorist to give Britain its first real tsunami and, maybe, worse. This film shows what can happen when a government conceals something very dangerous from its own people.

Fact: The US explosives carrier Richard Montgomery sank in the Thames Estuary in August 1944. It was loaded with 15000 tons of explosive munitions. The Admiralty decided to leave the wreck and its dangerous cargo undisturbed. The wreck lies just a few hundred yards offshore between an oil refinery and the several towns. Southend on Sea is just a couple of miles away on the other side of the Thames estuary. Rumours about the ship and its cargo have circulated in these towns ever since. Denials have been issued by ministers in the House of Commons in response to MPs questions about the presence on board of biological, chemical and gas warheads. Nevertheless, rumours persist that the real reason the wreck was not made safe was because of the existence of ‘dirty weapons’ on board.
see for info and links.

posted : June 1, 2006 Post subject: ss richard montgomery
"First real tsunami"


posted : June 1, 2006 Post subject: ss richard montgomery
Southend eh? It'd do about 15 quids worth of damage.. (copyright Ricky Gervais ;o)

Not sure there's any need for paranoia, it seems the wreck has been/ is continually being surveyed.

Incidentally, it was 1500 tonnes of explosives, not 15,000.

posted : June 3, 2006 Post subject: ss richard montgomery
Well spotted, a 7500 ton Liberty ship would need wheels if it had to transport 15000 tons!

Never mind Southend, I used to live in Leysdown on the isle of Sheppey and if I thought there was any chance of an explosion big enough to swamp/wreck Leysdown, believe me, I'd have set the bloody thing off myself....

posted : September 21, 2006 Post subject: ss richard montgomery
Not sure where you'r getting your figures from. The actual cargo was a mixture of explosives totalling just over 8000 Tons. 5000 was recovered shortly after the ship went aground the remainder was left onboard. Over the years the ship has broken in half and some of the cargo has spilt out onto the surrounding sea bed. When the Medway channel was dredged from 8.5m to 11m so much ordanance was lifted by the dredgers that they had to dump the stuff out at sea in a special dumping ground. I pass the wreck almost every day and it is gradually sinking further and further into the silt. I fear there will be no Tsunami.

posted : September 27, 2006 Post subject: ss richard montgomery
Just followed the link and the actual tonnage of ordnance is 1500 not 15000. So the tsunami will be little more than the Severn Bore...

And that is if the bombs are primed with detonators which is not likely given that they were in transit. High explosive requires a detonator to initiate the explosion and without this it is about a much danger as a bag of wet sprouts. However to qualify that, it could be detonated by an external source such as a terrorist device, but that, in its current state would require a degree of knowledge and skill that is likely to be beyond most terrorist organisations.

I will have no trouble sleping.....


posted : December 21, 2006 Post subject: ss richard montgomery
Anyone interested in this wreck would be well advised to visit the following website for information:

posted : December 24, 2006 Post subject: ss richard montgomery
Original tonnage of some 6000 of explosives etc, reduced thanks to salvage by at least 3,500 tonnes, allegedly!

The effect of the lot going off would vary according to tide depths and flow, and what other cargoes are around at the time. If one of those gas tankers went off too! Wowee. I'd move somewhere safer, like downtown Johannesburg or San Paulo.

posted : March 3, 2007 Post subject: ss richard montgomery
The ss richard montgomery site has been updated considerably since this subject was first posted here in 2005.
For those readers that do not believe the dangers of the wreck go to the site and follow the many links to factual

information from the main page or just look directly at the links below.

factual information clip from bbc tv uk program coast-8 (4mins- 5Mb .wmv) royal navy explosives expert
(Copy above link into your browser)

underwater_explosion.wmv (a very small taste of what will happen when ss richard montgomery explodes!)
(Copy above link into your browser)

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