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posted : October 13, 2005 Post subject: diving wiv sharks
hello my name is simon im 31 and from essex and recentley passed my o/w course,i was wondering if any1 has been to the blue planet aquarium to "dive with sharks"?.if any1 has id love to hear ur comments as from where i live to sumwhere near liverpool is a long way to go 4 a wasted journey lol mant thanks,my email addy is . and yes its krueger as in freddy b4 any1 cracks any jokes lol.

Pete Hodkinson
posted : October 24, 2005 Post subject: diving wiv sharks
Hi Simon, we dived the Blue Planet a few years ago when it was first introduced and there was a discount for being a BSAC member. It's a novelty but that's all, you don't "dive" as such as you are not allowed to wear fins, you are lead around a walk guided by a member of staff for about 20/25 minutes in groups of four.
Not sure what the cost is these days but the novelty value apart I would think it will be a long trip for for a 20 minute walk with sharks.

posted : October 29, 2005 Post subject: diving wiv sharks
thanks peter i appreciate ur reply,i think the cost is aruond 100 for qualified divers but when u add on travel and possible overnight stay i think youd b looking at around 200,think ill give that 1 a wide berth.thanks again.

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