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Posted : March 15, 2012
What is the better model for underwater camcorders:

I work for an Environment Agency in Northern Ireland and we are currently in the process of purcahsing a new underwater camcorder for the summer fieldwork ahead.
Any input on recommendations between the two models mentioned would be greatly appreciated.
Many Thanks
Posted : March 15, 2012
The critical question will be what are you wanting to film... general close up work in water will need macro lens capabilities and access to some of the key controls - including ability to manually control focus for example...

The compact CX560V is much more practical than the Pro 700 HD for in water work.... not least it has 26 hours of recording, the wide angle G lens Optical Steady Shot and a great 12.3MPixels standard HD. Now here is key difference the 700 HD uses an extra 2.2MPixels to get its steady image - you generally setup your camera enclosure and lights etc so the whole thing is slightly negatively bouyant - note the slightly so needing this 2.2MPixel image position system to stabalise will generally not be needed,

There are some stunning U/W film makers out there who will have much more experience than me to give you advice in this field. My money would be on the CX560V and you will pay the same again for an enclosure for it!

Look up the society of Underwater Photographers BSUP.ORG and some great advice can be gleened from them... Thanks Andrew.
Answer provided by ADM Diving

Andrew Dawson-Maddocks
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