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Posted : October 14, 2010
cdx5 and 300bar bottle compatability???
I just recently purchased a CDX5, Din fitting with a reg and octo I was wondering is it safe to use this with a 300 bar bottle???
Ive only started Diving this year and havent purchased a Bottle yet ( Borrowing a 323 12L bottle at the mo) and was wondering as on the CDX5 it has 300 Bar on it along with 4500 PSI stamped on it what exactely does this mean??? any info very appreciatted
Posted : October 14, 2010
Hi there, yes the DIN version CDX5 purchased from a reputable dive shop will have been supplied with the first stage suitable for use on 300 BAR cylinders and also for 232 BAR cylinders. (often you can unscrew the insert on the valve and change this from A clamp use to DIN fitting).

You have yourself a nice set of regs - enjoy diving and take care - Andrew
Answer provided by ADM Diving

Andrew Dawson-Maddocks
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