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Posted : March 28, 2010
I am going diving soon and I have been told that there are many jellyfish in the water, I want to know if anyone has tried a stingguard dive mask or the sea safe lotion and if they work?

Posted : April 27, 2010
I haven't and a good rule of thumb is either use a full face mask and good gloves/drysuit - or be very careful and not dive with jellyfish.

Although Urine does work, a good first aid is spirit vinegar (yes this will hurt) - but it neutralises all of the unfired stings... You then use usual sting cream - bad burns go and see your doctor or go to hospital.

do not scrap of the stings.. use the vinegar. I have in my diving first aid bag a little spray bottle I got from Boots and then went to one of the large supermarkets and got the spirit vinegar and i have carried that around for about a decade or so now.

I have only ever used that once for a nasty sting on a deco stop up in Oban (Lions Maid Jelly Fish).

hope that helps Andrew
Answer provided by ADM Diving

Andrew Dawson-Maddocks
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