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Posted : March 26, 2010
Could anyone let me know if it is possible to convert a 300 bar DIN valve to a A clamp fitting. I have a A clamp on my 1st stage but the 12l 300 bar tank I have just bought has a DIN valve. I have seen the inserts you can get for the 232 bar valve but not 300 bar. Can anyone help me with this please.


Posted : March 27, 2010
Nope sorry. The bottom line is that it could be highly dangerous... what is to stop a reputable filling station taking the insert out and filling it to 300 BAR. If the O ring didn't extrude on the A clamp i would not like to see the potential mess that might ensue from the A clamp giving - especially when it is behind your head when diving...

Sure there are safety margins built into the design of the metal castings etc etc - however the best way for you to proceed is to buy a new valve (232 BAR) and get that professionally fitted at a service station.

You are allowed to put a 232 BAR valve onto a 300 BAR cylinder - the reputable centres will and can only fill this cylinder then to 232 BAR which with the insert will fit your A-Clamp regs.

Alternatively swap out your first stage for a DIN 300 bar version - most reg manufacturers offer this - and enjoy the added air that this will give you !!! Don't forget to check the SPG and it's HP hose is rated for 300 BAR - most are - but if your unlucky then the SPG and hose will need changing too....

I'm affraid a mix of news in the reply... DON'T fudge the safety aspects as 300 BAR is very significant (as is 232 BAR) and stored and delivered via the wrong components could result in lethal consequences.....

Happy to help further, Best regards Andrew
Answer provided by ADM Diving

Andrew Dawson-Maddocks
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