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Posted : January 29, 2010
I have been a recreational scuba diver for 12 years now and have made over 1000 dives and am a PADI Divemaster. I recently decided to progress to technical diving, main reason being I'd like to explore wrecks for a longer period of time allowed by the no decompression limits. Technical diving allows me more time to explore wrecks and with the extended maximum depth limit, even provides me more wrecks to explore.

I have asked many experienced technical divers on there recommendations gor gear, to which i've gotten many different answers. It seems when it comes to BCDs I get similiar answers, but when it comes to regulators I've gotten everything from any high-performace regulator to only buy Atomic or Hollis.

Is it possiable for you to recommend primary, secondary and deco regulators for me?

I will likely not be doing extended range diving past 200 feet as it involves to many people just to make the dive possible and the ammout of gear nessesary is just to expensive. I plan on diving 200 feet and shallower, mostly wreck dives as I do not intend to do much cave diving but I do on occasion.

Thank you for your recommendation,

Posted : January 29, 2010

I have put quite a few items throughout this forum.. so look at earlier posts.

To be honest only one real answer...

Primary and Backup - Poseidon XSTREAM
Deco will depend on mixes, environment etc - personally I would opt for Poseidon Cyclons...

let me know what type of diving and the environment and gas mixes your aiming to be on in say two/three years time and i'll add to my post.
cheers Andrew.
Answer provided by ADM Diving

Andrew Dawson-Maddocks
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Posted : January 29, 2010 by - EnriqueL6

Thank you for the recommendation. To add to the information about environments and mixes. I mostly dive in tropical waters, rarely ever going in cold water. I might come to the day where I'll start diving in cold water, but I do not see it in the near future.

I would evenually like to start utalizing Trimix, as I've heard and read its benefits with narcosis.

I'm not very savy with technical diving, therefore, don't know exactly what mixes I plan on using. Throughout my time scuba diving I never envisioned myself going the technical route, but I guess the explorer in me finnally got the best of me.

Thanks again,
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Posted : January 29, 2010 by - ADM Diving
If your really feel that trimix might well be on the cards then Enrique... definately no debate the primary and secondary regs would be best served with the deep CE rated Poseidon XSTREAMs...

The deco regs would be wise to be rated for rich NITROX mixes (one won't be rich, one would be, however you may have to swap them underwater)..

So i would go for the Poseidon Cyclons or again if you don't mind the extra expense Poseidon XSTREAM OXYGENs

Personally the Cyclons are fine i've used them (made O2 clean etc) up to 100% O2 mixes for Deco on very long duration dives with no problems...

have fun growing the skills. Best Regards, Andrew.
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