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Posted : December 20, 2009
General Dive permit ??, I am a certified diver here in the US , and would like to take vacation and dive the waters of the UK next summer, are there any special permits required ?? I am a PADI Certifed Master Diver, and a Certified deep water commercial salvage diver

Posted : December 20, 2009
Hi there,

Enjoy coming here and dive. Contact a local dive shop - we have some fantastic diving here - most is best done with a dry suit.

The English Channel has fantastic wrecks..., Cornwall and south west wales has some of the most beautiful shore dives and picturesque dive sites. Oban is a firm favourite of mine and has both (especially down the sound of mull). The Orkney Islands have some absolutely fatastic wrecks from the great wars - however they are rusting away at an alarming rate - so if you get the chance then do them in the next couple of years and don't wait.

The East cost of the UK has some really good sites, however the visability can be very variable due to the geological makeup of the North Sea shelf (which isn't that deep in general sea terms and gets successively shallower towards the English Channel) This causes a bottle neck and seddiment isn't really swept way as well as the other coastlines...

Inland we have a number of lakes - some have been made into commercial dive sites and each of these have rules, some mandated membership of sorts - again though no permit as such - just your diving qualifications.

So long as your diving is current then your PADI quals will be widely accepted. Most dive shops have the ability to hire equipment - so if you conatact these before you travel - i'm sure you can arrange an interesting and fruitful trip. If I can help further post a reply,

Enjoy and have some safe/great diving here,
Regards Andrew.
Answer provided by ADM Diving

Andrew Dawson-Maddocks
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