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Posted : August 7, 2009
Dear Andrew,

I am researching the safety element of open water dives and have a question.

Is it safe to undertake 2 open water dives inside 60 minutes? One to a depth of around 14 meters and one to 8 meters, and then undertake a raid ascent?

Look forward to hearing from you.


Posted : August 24, 2009
Hi there,

Can't answer the question as you haven't given me enough information...

To answer you need to tell me what dives you did the day before (as you have been taught), I need this to specifically be the depth and duration of the dive and precise surface intervals (even if it was 22hours etc please provide this) between dives - and the same for the question so let me know the question something like this please...

"I did a 10m dive for 30 mins then a 2 hour 18min surface interval followed by a 9m dive for 30 mins and 19 hours 30mins later a 14m dive for 30 mins followed by a 15mins surface interval then a 8m dive and after 15mins I made a rapid ascent (>18m/m) direct to the surface because I was unable to fix xyz problem. I was given oxygen for xx mins and had no symptoms or problems. I want to know if this was safe and what are the risks..."

If you pose the question like that I can do the theoretical tissue analysis on the state of decompression (approx) at the point of rapid ascent and also comment on the 'after' care. It really would be helpful to know how rapid as some training agencies allow for ascent rates others would deem fast... so if the 8m was done in say under 20 seconds then every training agency would consider that a rapid ascent.

regards, Andrew
Answer provided by ADM Diving

Andrew Dawson-Maddocks
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