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Posted : February 22, 2009
Hi Andy , Whats the best synthetic oil to use in sealing up a battery compartment in a dive computer ( Aladin Air L ) Thanks

Posted : February 24, 2009
Hi there,

This is a great question but legally this is a very tricky area as I do not support the self charging of batteries etc., where they have been so engineered or designed not to be changed by the user.

Thankfully a fair number of diving manufacturers have seen the light and offer special compartments for a user changeable battery.

The problem with the oil filled computers is the tricky way you have to be very careful with the oil and also very careful not to let bubbles into the case (micro fractures, potential for false depth readings - both marginal risks).

The only advice I can offer is you take a peek at the sites like this from central europe...

Several companies in the UK still sell the aladin battery kits (which includes the membrane, o ring etc).

I'm sorry I don't know the oil - i guess it is silicon oil (see wikipedia) or a perfloroether. Given the safety implications don't do this stuff at home.

cheers Andrew
Answer provided by ADM Diving

Andrew Dawson-Maddocks
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