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Posted : February 19, 2009
Dear Andrew.
I'm presently conducting research for a book about salvage divers. I'm a keen recreational diver myself but would love to be able to interview a technical diver to gain a more advanced perspective on the profession, expand my insight and satisfy my curiosity for the subject! Would you or anyone you know of be willing to spare a couple of hours for a very informal chat. I'm based in landlubbing Birmingham but happy to travel wherever is required and I'm willing to pay for people's time. If not, any pointers would be very much appreciated, namely any other commercial diving companies which you may know of.

Kind regards

Posted : March 10, 2009
|'m up in south leicester. Contact me directly and we can arrange a suitable time to meet up - i'll also put you in touch with others that would be helpful...

cheers Andrew
Answer provided by ADM Diving

Andrew Dawson-Maddocks
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