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Posted : February 3, 2009
I'm quite a new diver, although I'm now totally commited! I have been looking at the different types of organisations for Technical diving (TDI, GUE, DIR etc). How do these all relate to one another? Which one is the better option to progress? Do they all have similar or different approaches to how they go about Tech diving? I'm really interested to learn more and progress into the technical side, but am extremely confused as to where to start? Sorry about the long winded question but this has been playing over through my mind for months now.
Best wishes

I'm PADI Rescue.
Posted : February 3, 2009
No problem and I totally understand..

check out the early answers on this forum as their are a number of very good answers as to how to get into technical diving... (at the start of the technical forum pages). Work forward with the answers and you will see me answering pretty much every part of your question and more....

Then come back and fire away, happy to help and glad your keen and interested in Technical Diving it is a great side to this sport.
cheers Andrew.

Answer provided by ADM Diving

Andrew Dawson-Maddocks
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Posted : January 23, 2010 by - Tonks
ask your local padi dive center about the padi tec diver 40 and 50 courses or if diving uk then IANTD i suggest is your best route
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Posted : January 24, 2010 by - ADM Diving
Thanks for the extra Tonks... As I said Bubble... start at the beginning of this forum and work forward... it will sort out the differences, what you want to achieve and do... it will also cover the options and what is best depending what you want to do with your Tech Diving etc etc,

cheers and regards Andrew
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Posted : November 19, 2010 by - SimoTekkie
Hey Bubble, yes I know you are confused with all the info and all the diff agencies.
Ok i'll try to be as clear and short as possible.

TDI : biggest tech diving agency in the world
GUE and DIR are similar - more dive philosophy kind of way.

You also have the option of SSI TXR or PADI TEcREC.

Most advanced tech divers turn to GUE or DIR once they have some experience in tech diving and they want to get their trim perfect for example. GUE comes from Cave divers in Florida.

TDI is a flexible dive organization and the dive instructors are flexible in the way they teach their students.
PADI is very strict in what, when and where
GUE is very anal about the trim (positioninng and the gear your use and how you wear it) but universal to all GUE divers and good for cave diving.
SSI TXR is in between PADI and GUE. A little less dry and the theory is more interactive.

I would advice you either to go TDI or SSI TXR.
have a look at our website to see the courses...our company is based in Thailand, but the info is the same for all over the world.

Hope this was helpful...;)
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