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Posted : January 19, 2009
advise on solo diving. if you keep to 10 to15m do you think it is safe.

Posted : January 19, 2009
I can't answer the question that simply put.

The real issue is how disciplined in mind are you, how much careful thought have you done with your kit configuration, drills practice and redundancy/failure mitigation, what environmental risks exist on that day (not just that site specific risks), what if these change or things go wrong, what about visibility or serious changes in it ? what is the plan for the dive as some aspects could seriously ehance the risks thereby making solo diving too high a risk.

As you can see the real issues around solo dive are related to equipment, environment, dive objectives, dive plan, decompression plan, escape and dive risk mitigation, environment condition changes etc...

Personally I have a very rigorous approach to dive planning and equipment configuration, skills practice, skills and equipment continuous review, emergency and risk mitigation planning and if the risks warrant the dive objectives then I will solo dive for part of the dive; generally I prefer to dive with a buddy as the risks (if you choose wisely) are considerably reduced. We generally plan on decompressing and/or returning to the boat/shore at the same time again to reduce risks.

Good question though and hope the reply is seen as a serious set of points to ponder on....

You can ponder on the same or similar points about a 1:1 instructor to student teaching dive... the instructor is often diving solo for argument sake - especially on a skill intensive part or a much deeper push than the student has experienced before....

Safe diving... Andrew :-)
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Andrew Dawson-Maddocks
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