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Posted : October 22, 2008
Hi Andrew, dont want to be a nuisance as i have noticed several q's along this theme but here goes. I have always wanted to extend my sport diving to tech level but same old story eg kids, land lubber wife finances, blah blah blah. but now kids are older and sod the wife. I can now commit, first q' (sorry more than one) Its time to buy a new BC, i've had my buddy commando for 20 years, (since I was 19.) would like to know if the latest model would suit me and be of use in tech diving eg twinning and all the other dark arts? basicly i would like to be diving to 80 meters and i have a specific wreck in mind.I think I've found this WW1 Uboat. . This is burning away in me and I wont be happy till I've confirmed or ruled it out. Tho this is not my only reason for my want of progresion. I've done about 1200 dives and I'm at BSCAC advanced diver level and have done the PADI divemaster crossover. I've completed TDI nitrox although a few years ago and only done a few nitrox dives since. Dont want to sound like a tight arse but my budget is very limited, could you recommend a route for me to take. Should i forget the buddy commando and buy a wing?. phew! thanks for listening, John

Posted : January 19, 2009
Hi John,

I'm the wrong person to ask for short cuts as i won't recommend any.

Go for the wing and get lots of nitrox dives in.

Please then think carefully and get your extended range in.. then dive lots...

Next step is to get your Technical Diver Qualifications... guess what - then dive lots and lots

Finally get your Full TRIMIX Diver ticket and dive a lot...

You need to get at least 40 dives for each 10m increment of consolidated experience...

80msw is a long way from home... I always tell my students that 75msw is a turning point and it is very very serious diving - beyond which you are considerably increasing your own personal risks - there is no real guarantee of coming home from such very serious diving depth.

I've done a huge number of dives below 90msw - the level of planning and careful dive control beyond 75msw needs to be built upon your extensive experience to date...

I have always argued that dives beyond 75msw should also have support and in water support diving teams too...

Happy to discuss this further....

cheers Andrew.
(ps sorry for the delay in replying i lost the link to your question and found it whilst doing quarterly maintenance)
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Andrew Dawson-Maddocks
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