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Posted : January 11, 2008
Hi Andrew. I'm preparing myself to go the technical route. What makes one regulator more suitable than the next. Whenever you speak to EQUIPMENT dealers they claim that their specific brand is what you need. Do you gou piston, must it be balanced???

Posted : January 11, 2008
Congrats on going technical...

The regulators are getting more and more refined on one hand and on another some are getting wrapped up in the profit tight or is it hungery engineering that is pressing more and more far east engineering production - don't get me wrong some of this i've seen has been good and high quality - some has been appalling - not even the specification of metal that it should be.

The above is not a rant - but a very very serious issue for us all to be wary of - lets face it most of the Key Items of Scuba Gear is Life Saving Equipment...

The answer to your question, based on reliability, performance and breathability the choices in this order are: Poseidon XSTREAM DEEP or Jetstream, Apex TX100 (and others), Mares Abyss. Interstingly these are reasonably priced to service too (a few expensive parts but then they are well engineered). For your Stage Cylinders go with the Posedion Cyclon, Apex TX50's, Mares Abyss - personally if you are going to advance in your technical diving beyond advanced level nitrox/deco proceedures - then it is a good idea to have different shaped 1st stage and 2nd stages for your deco cylinders so by touch you can unmistakingly determin which DECO GAS is which should that ever need to be done. MAKE SURE THEY ARE ALL DIN not International A-CLAMP - Given DIN is more reliable and less prone to catastrophic o-ring failure (if the O-Ring does go it is captive and GAS loss is significantly reduced).

As to the new debate of M26 thraded regulators for the new cylinder valve standard coming into play mid this year i'm not even going to grace this lunacy with any blog space... The HSE were totally right to object to this European Standard - it solves the wrong problem and ideed introduces a whole host of very dangerous new ones.

Hope this helps

Answer provided by ADM Diving

Andrew Dawson-Maddocks
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