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Posted : November 7, 2007
hi i was wondering whats your take on weights ive just moved onto a twin set 12ltr and use 2kilo weight belt but feel i could do away with any weight but what about emergency? ive been taught by padi that you need ditchable weights<

Posted : November 19, 2007
Oh this is a real chestnut !! What a great question...

Firstly - you must never plan in technical diving to ditch your weight belt because this is a sure way to badly bend you if you have deco to do..

Secondly - Weight location with twinsets is best done by adding them to the wing tummy strap or usingwhat are called Vee Weights (V-Shaped) that sit between the cylinders and your wing.

Thirdly - Your technical instructor will definately cover this. If you have gone over to twinsets to extend time and range please get training in shutdowns, kit configuration and trim techniques from a good and experienced Instructor.

Personally I use 2 to 4 Kg and place this on the tummy band of the wing (right hand side) - my left hand side has an EPIRB and the Wing Pouch/Bag. I have actually lost a weight belt on a deco dive in the English Channel and had to think quickly to solve the problem underwater (as you should every problem in technical diving). I used my reel and tied it to the wreck and reeled myself back to the surface - completing all my deco successfully. After such an incident (rare?) I never recommend weight belts with deco diving.

Regards Andrew
Answer provided by ADM Diving

Andrew Dawson-Maddocks
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