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Posted : September 9, 2007
Andrew - I have just enroled on the ANDI TSD level 3 course which is the first technical grade in teh ANDI system. Prior to the course beginning once I have read the text book, I thought I would pop along and practice some of the open water skills required by the course.

All went well until it came to full kit removal under the water. I was on an 8m platform when I de-kitted. Of course wearing a dry suit as soon as you remove the kit you are very much buoyant! Well, it then became a wrestle to get the rig back on without floating to the surface. I managed it but thought it very awkward.

My question is this. On the course would the weight belt be around your waist (not on the wing), or as in reality the 4kg are on my TCW belt. This means I have the hassle of being buoyant. What do you think? (Yes, I had completely removed the air from my dry suit).

The second question is, do you have any tips or hints for doing teh 25m horizontal CESA?

Posted : November 19, 2007
Apologies for the delay and hope your course is going well...

Well Done for taking the first step towards technical diving.

The skill of Kit Removal Underwater is a valuable life saving skill. I've heard a few of my peers berating this skill - indeed i've seen it omitted. The need to remove kit underwater is a rare one and you will be in deep trouble if you need to take your full kit off. Taking it off for treasure hunting is frankly dangerous and very stupid.

The control of your own bouyancy whilst doing this drill is hard but with practice you can do this - the reality in urgent need - you would pin a fin etc under some wreck part to keep you down. Moving the weight off its correct location (tummy band) to a weight belt to do this skill would defeat the whole point of the skill and your instructor should not allow this, they should (given their HSE Risk Assessment) place their support staff above you to prevent this going badly wrong!

The second question is one of practice in the pool - put a tank and reg set every 9m in your local pool (talk nicely to a local BSAC club to use the pool - given them a nice donation). Then like circuit training swim from one to the next to next etc. Build up your stamina and techniques until you can do 27m without the need for the AIR - breathing out slowly whilst moving from one to the next - remember your thigh muscles use the most oxygen so use them sparingly! Hands, arms and pulling along is the best way to go....

Thanks Andrew
Answer provided by ADM Diving

Andrew Dawson-Maddocks
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