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Posted : August 8, 2007
Hi, my partner and I are visiting Egypt in a few weeks and plan to do a lot of snorkling. My partner is looking to purchase a prescription mask (she has a negative prescription), my questions are:

1) which lens are any good, the fitted type or the stick in lenses?

2) does the refraction of the water effect the strengh of the prescription required? ie does it need to be the same as her glasses prescription?

3) any tips or general advice when purchasing a prescription mask for snorkling purposes?

Thanks in advance for your advice

Posted : August 27, 2007
Hi Sorry I haven't replied earlier, I didn't see your question in my list until today.

In short - no you take your prescription as is to a dive shop and they can order the lenses and they will be correct. The diving manufacturers make any necessary adjustments.

Personally I have had a fair bit of feedback saying the stick on one's for infrequent diving/snorkling are good and up to the job, but for regular diving/snorkling almost everyone buys the mask lenses.

I hope you both love Egypt and the fantastic reefs you will see... I hope you end up getting the bug and come and learn to dive when you are back.
all the best Andrew
Answer provided by ADM Diving

Andrew Dawson-Maddocks
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