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Posted : June 27, 2007
Hi Andrew,
Sorry to bother you again. What is your recommendation for gauges for a twin set rig?
The ones I am looking at are the Apeks streamlined single spg and the Apeks twin spg (including depth gauge). The gauges read down to 80m and are altitude adjustable.
I have also looked at the Poseidon ones but I find the yellow face hard to read in low visibilty. What do you think?

Posted : June 28, 2007
Hi there,

no bother at all.

Yes Apeks or UWATEC and I agree with your comments some have added bells whistles and all sorts of weird facia markings that are gimmics or simply don't work.

Go for the single console NOT twin.

Cut the boot back so you can see the HP coupling nut inside which is the Swivel Pin - you do this with a junior hacksaw and shorten the boot - it looks good honest. You need to be able to see if you have a leaking HP swivel and that is crucial as these things tend to dribble then blow few dives later.

You can go for metal guages but i've find Apeks and Uwatec booted plastic guages fine.

Don't do the console as you really should be putting instruments suchas depth guages/ computers ideally on your arms - yes arms backup one side, main the other - NOT on both arms - unless you are never going to enter wrecks (or caves/caverns) - then its debatably fine.

Go for a depth gauge that can give you a little bit more information suchas temp and ascent rate - the Uwatec D-Timer is a great little depth guage and can be wrist/arm mounted and will be an investment you will never look back on with doubt. It stores 9 dives so you can see what is what and also usefully will tell you surface interval.

Given most technical diving should really be using computers as backup not primary deco tool (cut tables being the primary plan) - then you will fined the D-Timer a great tool to hone your diving considerably.

Hope this helps - happy to explain more - and always happy to help no bother at all,

cheers Andrew
Answer provided by ADM Diving

Andrew Dawson-Maddocks
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