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Posted : June 22, 2007
Hi Andrew. What is your opinion of the Custom Diver's TCW dual bladder wing. I have the option to buy an immaculate second hand one for 250. I have not found any reviews of them on line nor do I know anyone who owns one. Many including yourself speak highly of the TDB wing so is this a no brainer and a dream bargain?

Posted : June 22, 2007
Hi there,

Question back: what is included and what spec?

The only real difference with the TCW really is the bungie to collapse the bladder to minimum volume is done with elasticated side panels/out material rather than bungie on the outside on the TDB - Both styles work and prevent weird trap points for expanding air within the bladder - good design, i've done about 600 dives with one - good well made and like the TDB is rock solid in its construction and performance.

If this includes stainless backplate, all of the harness, front pocket, two working and good condition bladders then go for it... yes damn good bargin.. do the sensible thing and ask someone qualified at your local diveshop to give it the once over if you are going to teach (HSE Requirement), otherwise blow each bladder up for 48hrs leave and see how much loss of pressure 10% I would view as fine, more than that lost then find the leak and aquasure it. If this is more than a pin prick or a fold induced weakness - replace that bladder.

These are great wings and need any help setting your rig up ask and i'll help. My new website will be live by end of next week and i'll put some good content on it about rig setup etc. Feel free to ask here...

If you are testing it make sure the schrader valves (i.e. low pressure inflators) are not all crusty and working fine. These can be easily replaced - the tool is a couple of quid and each schrader is likewise about the price of a good pink of beer.

Even if it is a single bladder version its a good price. The Comfort Pad (CDWCP) is a good option. The following are standard and should be on the wing - a pair of Hose Wrap Sleeves (CDWHWS), the Belt Bump Bag - front pocket thing (CDWBB) and two shoulder covers (CDWSC) - all in a standard CD wing holdall bag (CDWH).

Many of the dive stores stock this so you can work out the what is a good price if it is hardly used. I did note a while back some stores have sold these a bit stripped down of those standard accessories at dive shows etc so it looks more of a bargin that it actually is. Check as these are not cheap to add to afterwards - personally you will notice the difference diving the rig without them - other than the holdall (obviously)!!!

The backplate comes in two sizes standard and extended. The extended is designed for people who are over 6ft 3" and you have a choice of s/steel for your plate or aluminium. Personally distributing the weight is better than on your lumber region of your spine (via a weight belt or adding such to your harness waist belt, the s/steel standard is 2.1 Kg/4.6 lbs and the aluminium is 0.8 Kg/1.8 lbs - both are all slotted up for the 2" good quality webbing Custom Divers use.

If all is good go for it mate !!!! cheers Andrew
Answer provided by ADM Diving

Andrew Dawson-Maddocks
Additional Comment

Posted : June 22, 2007 by - ImmersionMan

The wing is the TCW dual bladder wing with stainless steel back plate and sport harness. The harness is complete with neoprene shoulder strap covers, low pressure inflator hose covers and hoses. The rig is also being sold with a Custom Divers Hold All.

The only thing missing is the comfort pad and bump bag which I can get brand new from Otter for a nominal sum.

I have contacted him just and prurchased it. I am collecting it Sunday.
Additional Comment

Posted : June 22, 2007 by - ADM Diving
Good result and a really good bargin. Hope all is working well, the extra items i thing are worth buying.

The comfort pad is good for keeping rear zips less battered by the plate and it is more comfy. The bump bag is key for your emergency tables, backup D/SMB and a few other key & emergency items.

Enjoy diving on the rig, all the best Andrew
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