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Posted : May 9, 2007
Which diving computer?
Hi there,

I am an AOW diver with roughly 60 dives. I am planning on going on a diving holiday this Summer and was thinking about getting a diving computer? I don't want any fancy stuff with it, just somehting which will give me log book stats (time/temperature/max depth etc) and also allow me to conduct my own safety stops.

From your experiences, which would you recommend? I was thinking about the Suunto Gekko?


Posted : May 21, 2007
Hi Jon, Sorry for the delay in replying. All this diving gets in the way ;-)

An interesting question. I started off by using the tables rigorously and hence purchased the console mounted Uwatec D-Timer. This gives temp, Dive time (not in out times), depth and assent warning info. It's stunning and a great place to start for around the 80 mark.

If you plan your dives and then dive them this is a very very sensible thing to buy. As you progress your diving this will then serve as a backup for any more sophisticated computer you then purchase.

I see so many people drop using tables and dive only on computer... i'm not convinced that is good practice nor wise. Most diving computers are very very reliable, batteries do fail and suddenly in the cold of the water - its this that is one of the major problems.

The second is that a diving computer is calculating your decompression state (or more accurately put your state of saturation based on a mathematical model of an average/ideal human diver) - this is not an exact science so leaving it to your computer to say your are nearing a precalulated point at which you would be in deco - is not a guarantee that is true for your exact physiology.

All computer manufacturers recomend that you dive to your training (which taught you table limits for given max depths/bottom times), and also to be conservative and avoid diving to limits. When you get into deco then you should have the training to safely conduct such and also to again do that as to training (=tables or computer + allowances for your physiology).

The Suunto range of diving computers is extremely good - I like the way they are programmed and indeed the research behind their range. a good choice and the Gekko is a very good choice.

Go for it and take my advice about not throwing the tables et al to the waves. Be safe and dive conservatively. Keep well hydrated and definately do your safety stop on every dive. Alternatively get the PADI Wheel and buy the Uwatec D-Timer.

cheers and enjoy your holiday. If you want any more help please come back Jon. Thanks Andrew
Answer provided by ADM Diving

Andrew Dawson-Maddocks
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