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Posted : May 4, 2007
Hi Andrew, I have a question concerning the different tech diving organisations and the courses they run. I am looking at entering the world of tech and wanted to choose the best agency to learn through. I'm currently looking at TDI as they include a lot of stress exercises. I have been warned about DSAT as although the materials are easy to use the actual diving side of the course is a bit sparce. Could you advise as to which agency would be the best choice? I am a PADI MSDT and would be looking to instruct tech as well.

Posted : May 21, 2007
Hi there,

Please see my other posts on this. I'm not going to compare training agencies - I fundamentally think that is wrong to do. All the agencies have there good points and indeed their foibles.

Take a look around your area at the schools that are their. Most technical agencies will not allow you to be totally freelance. Most insist you become part of a centre and only teach from that.

Personally I took the IANTD route - these guys pioneered so much of the technical training and I liked the thoroughly good diving skills side of the training - at the time i went through most of my training the materials where copies of slides and this ditracted from the overall package. This is not the case now - they have invested well and the crew packs and other materials are now very good.

I would wisely say which every agency you go with (based up the area your going to teach in - geographically speaking) - progress slowly up the technical ladder consolidating your experience well. teaching this level of diving requires solid experience measured in type and numer of dives (a couple of hundered between levels is realistic - less isn't).

Apologies the reply took a while - too much of this diving got in the way ;-)

Best regards and happy to help further,
cheers Andrew
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Andrew Dawson-Maddocks
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