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Posted : March 14, 2007
Hi Andrew, I would be grateful if you could advise me on suitable dive sites in the UK over the summer months... I'll be using my 7mm wetsuit longjohn and shorty :-)
I initially qualified to dive with PADI [open water and open water advanced] and then followed that up with a NAUI rescue diver and NAUI master scuba diver - reason for the switch - my buddy opened up a dive school and needed support. I have had 50 dives.
Posted : March 14, 2007
Hi There - i'll give you an answer when I'm back from the Outddoor Show which runs until 18th March 2007. Just to help me - exactly where in the UK do you want this info otherwise it will be a huge list ;-)

Best regards, Andrew
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Andrew Dawson-Maddocks
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Posted : March 15, 2007 by - Lelia
I am based in North West London but guess that there is nothing local except for when a water main bursts ;-) I'm planning to do the diving on weekends so would be happy to drive 2-3 hours on Friday night, spend the weekend diving and then return Sunday night for work on Monday.... Looking forward to hearing from you.
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Posted : August 24, 2009 by - ADM Diving
Strange I didn't get an update you had replied - so sorry for what is the longest delay in replying !

well i would check out Weymouth and Chepstow as this will give you the sea based diving and also an inland lake...

let me know if you need lots more ideas as i'll post a great wedge of them for you... best regards Andrew
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