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Posted : February 23, 2007
Hi Andrew.

I've got a Nitrox pony tank and am considering just using it as a regular breathing air pony. I'm getting a bit confused about what (if anything) needs to be done to a nitrox tank if you want to use normal beathing air in it. I know that if you want to use Nitox in a breathing air tank it must be oxygen cleaned.

Posted : February 23, 2007
No worries, this is straight forward. You have two routes...

[1] If you want to carry on using this at some point during the year of its cleaning status use NITROX again, then ask for it always to be filled with CLEAN AIR and only use the NITROX or O2 Clean set of Regs - even though you have CLEAN AIR. If you don't do BOTH of these things then you have destroyed your O2 Clean status of your Cylinder and you should remove its VIP sticker, and never get it filled with NITROX until it is O2 Cleaned again.

[2] REMOVE the VIP sticker and use it as a normal pony again. If it has any NITROX in it use it or drain to empty before treating it as a normal BREATHING AIR cylinder. Then at some point change the label to be BREATHING AIR from NITROX. Make sure you do not use your O2 Clean or NITROX regs in this cylinder otherwise they become contaiminated and hence they loose their O2 clean status !!!

Hope this clarifies it - if not post a reply or another Question. Cheers Andrew.

Answer provided by ADM Diving

Andrew Dawson-Maddocks
Additional Comment

Posted : February 23, 2007 by - Scubasi
Thought that was the case. Just have to decide whether to keep it as a nitrox deco pony or change to breathing air bail out. Many thanks for your time. Simon
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