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Posted : February 14, 2007
Iím just going away for a couple of months across the south coasts of africa (fed up of the British climate!!!!) I actually sold my Rebreather, well most my dive kit to fund buying the car of my dreams (crashed it!!!) What I now want to know is it cheaper/easier to buy here and ship out there or would you say buy when I get to Africa.

Actually whats your advice on getting a Rebreather outside the UK in general?


Posted : February 14, 2007
Some stunning diving off Africa... It's one of the worlds gems that many of the travel companies nor diving communities have really latched on to... Try out Morocco, and down and around the Ivory Coast... the South coast is great - but be careful as the waters down there can be very violent, fast and also fun !!!

In a nutshell - buy it here, europe or US and ship. Get yourself a handfull of spares as well otherwise you'll cry at how difficult it can be to fix your 'breather. Try out Madagasca - another stunner most don't bother with. Kenya is fantastic too. If you want links emails and dive shop/site recommendations on any of this - email me from my own site.

Happy diving out there.. Andrew
Answer provided by ADM Diving

Andrew Dawson-Maddocks
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