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Posted : February 14, 2007
I've seen loads of articles about rebreather divers going solo, but my friend who is a regular tech diver says that it is not permitted in the UK, can you explain please?

Posted : February 14, 2007
See my other answer on solo diving in technical teams.

Some inland sites and charters insist on buddy teams or the team acting as a whole for legal reasons (beit insurance or Health and Safety at Work Act).

Other than that ask your friend to explain the context as I can't see the point. It is permitted to dive solo in both Open Circuit and indeed in and on any Closed Circuit Rebreather in the UK. However as I've said there are exceptions.

I think I say this point wisely that it is good practice to dive as a team and deco together, I think it is good to look out for each other on the dive, I believe it is very good practice to keep your skills and emergency skills well honed (i.e. try them out on dives in controlled ways, practice regularly and plan your dives well).

It is crucial that you have enough bailout gas (i.e. bottom/travel gas and deco gas) to be self sufficient from the worst possible point in the dive.

On many dive boats I have seen this last point not to be the case time and time again. Some have been taught to carry only enough so that team work would be needed for bailout... I'm not sure that is good instruction or advice personally.

If i've missed something or got this wrong please update me as I'm always willing to learn.. Andrew
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Andrew Dawson-Maddocks
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