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Posted : February 14, 2007
Just moved here from the states and I here there are some awesome wreck dives to be had can any one tell me where?


Posted : February 14, 2007
Hi Brandon,
Give me a call on 0116 278 7711 this isn't a few minute answer... the UK waters have a serious number of wreck sites to choose from... you can have shallow to 100m +

Personally I would start out of Weymouth or Portland as these (like a large number of other English Channel sites) have great day boats you can get diving good wrecks with. Don't ignore Wales - stunning stuff there, and Scotland has some awesome dive sites & a wee favorite of mine is Oban. Up that coast to the Orkney Isl which hold the treasures of the WW1 Scuttled German Fleet in Scapa Flow. Oh and then we can go all down the East coast to fantastic sites like the Farne Isl and many more. Whilst your here go over to Bangor in NI and do the massive number of U-Boats etc (dependant on Diving Qualifications), oh and Ireland just has some fantastic wrecks off its coast line...

Depending where your based my facility has a very large collection of charts for people to come and look at - many marks have been plotted more accurately (i.e. on the wreck rather than miles away!!!). There is a large number of websites too - i'll point you in the right direction.

You'll find lots of people friendly and helpful - call me or drop in if you want specifics. Have fun. Andrew
Answer provided by ADM Diving

Andrew Dawson-Maddocks
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