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Posted : February 14, 2007
I am not a diver but I am disgusted with the diving of War Graves such as Galahad, HMS Prince of Wales etc…. do you agree with the diving of theses particular wrecks where people have lost there lives on and in some cases are still not recovered.

I would like to know your views regarding whether you agree with the desecration of these war graves and whether the laws are strong enough to put off the so called morbid souvenir hunters. What do you think would be a suitable solution?

Posted : February 14, 2007
I understand all points of view on this subject and the MoD and the UK government has put into place The Protection of Military Remains Act 1986, and provision is so made last time I looked for 12 wrecks designated as Controlled Sites (in UK waters) and 37 wrecks as Protected Sites (in International Waters). Look on the MCA website for the detailed and latest list at

I am sure you are aware that both of the wrecks you mention are not in UK waters, but in fact are in International Waters. It is a tradgedy that any of these Ships have been lost. No body can quantify or indeed fully understand the extent of the loss caused, except the loved ones and their families. I as a responsible technical diving instructor do actively promote such respect of all wrecks and controlled/protected sites. It is necessary to explore and therefore understand the archiological, historic or other reasons for such disasters, sometimes indeed in support of the work of the war graves commission. I nor any other responible diver would agree with desecrating any land or sea (war) grave.

Whilst this is not the best site for you question, it is well worth saying the majority of wreck explorers are not morbid souvenir hunters. In fact considerable good has come from divers not only finding wrecks and the last resting place of such, but have often solved key mysteries as to how such ships sadly went down.
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Andrew Dawson-Maddocks
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Posted : July 13, 2007 by - RossTall
This post is probably a bit late but I do have a point of view on the subject which is as follows:
I agree that it is very regretable that there are any war graves at all and feel for the families and loved ones.
But having said that it has happened and as nature invariably does use has been made of the tragedy.
The wargraves turn into homes and breeding grounds for millions of underwater species all over the world and the wonder of these fish etc. should not be missed.
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