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Posted : January 26, 2007
Hi I was wanting to know the actual cost of becoming a fully trained tech diver and if there are many jobs to get once trained.

The obvious next question is how much could I earn?

I am sorry about the question as I realise this could be a very open but I just want to know an average.


Posted : January 26, 2007
Interesting question, In simple terms a Tech Diver (or extended range) is someone who has fun exploring wrecks etc going to circa 50m and running up sensible levels of deco say 1hr... This is not a qualification to be a working commercial diver... In the UK you would be breaking the law as the HSAW Act is very clear as to qualifications and how such work must be conducted.

You need to have a commercial qualification as well if you want to do media work or survey work. Take a peek at schools like that in Fort William on and earnings of 300 to 1200 per day could be yours !!!

Those training schools who use Tech Diver or Trimix Divers with a HSE Diving Medical and appropraite Insurance can (and should be) used to support diver training of the various technical courses as the in water Support/Rescue Diver. Some schools use the student which to my way of thinking is task loading and risky. If this is the work you meant then 75 a day is a reasonable rate in this unfortunately low margin low earning end of the market...

As to cost of training... depends were you are in your skills and experience. Assuming you have air qualifiications and something like 300+ dives then, Nitrox, Adv Nitrox, & Tech Diver with an experienced instructor and good but progressively challenging set of dive sites (excluding the cost of you consolidating for a season each of these steps & equipment changes you will need to make) will be around the 800 to 1000 mark. Take a peek at my reply to the extended range question in this forum...

> Personal note must do more commercial qualifications !
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Andrew Dawson-Maddocks
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