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Posted : January 25, 2007
I'm thinking about getting a digital camera and housing, but even the "good" ones seem to be limited to approximately 40 metres. Do you have any recommendations for deeper diving cameras and housings that aren't too expensive?

Posted : January 25, 2007
It is the key question of depth... If your happy to limit it to 60m then personally i would go for Ikelite or Sea & Sea.

You will need to be careful with your strobe rating too. I cannot recommend this enough, when you go for buying a camera you want to use underwater, buy the housing at the same time and one for as deep as you can afford. I've been shocked at the cost of a bespoke housing or a 'special' as I had to have that all singing all dancing SLR model (or whatever), and then a year or so later tried in vain to find an off the shelf housing... The digital revolution is moving the market at a phenomenal pace.

There are a huge number of stockists - use google and search Underwater Camera Housings and i'm sure you'll find what your after. Typically you'll be spending for brand new 250 to 750 for a good housing for >=50m; if you want to go below 65m reply to this and i'll give you a lot more information... that's a whole new ball game (lighting, strobes, mega housing, 2nd mortgage etc etc).

I've seen a number of divers go so far as getting an acrylic tube (18 to 25mm thick) and making their own - the problem is the lens, air, arylic then water interface causing distortion (look how the professionals do this on their cases to see the complexity of this). The second problem is can you afford to loose your camera to a flood ?

The great thing with digital is the power of the post processing software now available and suppliers like Adobe have produced fantastic & powerful tools.

If your struggling to find what you need let me know the make & model of camera you have and to what depth do you want to take it and I'll see if I can help further.
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Andrew Dawson-Maddocks
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