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Posted : November 24, 2006
My recreational training agency said we should dive safely and regularly in conditions less or similar to that which we have been trained. In Technical Diving we all seem to be diving more and more pushing the envelope on what we have already been taught. Is this wrong, if not how can we safely develop our skills to achieve these new goals...

Posted : November 28, 2006
Wow, ok here goes and i'll try not to be too contentious. Your absolutely right. Parking for now the issues of your own personal insurance, mortgage companies covenants etc Then the challange as always is to strive to better yourself and your skills. A responsible technical diver will be one who regularly practices their skills, is constantly developing this knowledge and skill base both in and out of water, and takes a prudent approach to pushing the envelope. This last poiint being the crux of the question.

Personally I believe the best route to this is to use what some training agencies use as a rule of advancement (that is you never dive deeper than 10msw more than previous dives. This is a good rule if applied sensibly. This is a great sport, we are all saddened by the accidents and deaths, don't push the envelope beyond what is sensible. I have always gone on dives that are deeper than I have a great ease with by going as a team.

Most technical divers consider themself prety self surficient and as such can dive solo. I take and do practice this on techncal dives HOWEVER we dive logistically as a team, we deco together either on a lazy shot or trapeze, we look out for each other at depth through rules and procedures, and above all we plan the dives including safety bailouts and boat safety/resus procedures. We take our own full resus kit and 100% O2 on trips and if necessary our own long range comms (ask your skipper!).

So in summary yes you push the envelope, but in small sensible steps, you do it with those you trust, you are wise and prudent, and above all you take this developement seriously both in and out of the water, training and skill development all planned and definately have fun exploring!
Answer provided by ADM Diving

Andrew Dawson-Maddocks
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