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Posted : November 24, 2006
I have seen recent articles on kit configuration of my twin set and stages and my instructor got me to set things up differently what is the best way to set-up my kit. I have a custom divers TDB wing and twin 12s. I use two stages of twin 10s and I am using Nitrox and Air gases for my diving.

Posted : November 28, 2006
Mmm Ok. It's a little like the car industry why have more than one model... I'm sure if I got in a room with my peers and we all had your kit we would all prety much set these up differently. Why? This is due to one crucial issue. It is for you to have near reflex familiarity with your kit. That also requires you to take into account your flexibility - I can shut down the right hand valve with with left hand (that takes practice - unless i'm odd!!). There are a few good guidelines though to follow.. [1] Keep it Simple, [2] Streamlined, [3] Eliminate ALL snag points for line, [4] Mount the stages via a clip at its neck (under valve and valve pointing upwards), and then a handspan (fingers all stretched out wide - little finger tip to thumb tip apart), a band at this centroid point with a loop & clip. [5] All regulators stripped down to simplicity, one with long hose and inflator, one with short hose, Dry-Suit inflator and SPG, stages (preferably different type/feel) each with short hose and short hose SPG. Make sure you put a little bit of bungie around the regulator and accluding the mouthpiece of the rich gas - often called an Oxygen Regulator Guard or O.R.G. [6] In your Wing pocket empty the usual stuff we carry and keep life saving kit there, a mirror, pencil, whistle, slate, set of water proof tables (I use Air/75% for Open Circuit as thse will get you out of jail if used wisely), spare small Orange D/SMB and spare small Yellow D/SMB, and a line cutter.
I'll tell you more about other kit later on in this forum. We will definately cover Gas Analysis and labeling of cylinders... a must do topic.
Answer provided by ADM Diving

Andrew Dawson-Maddocks
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