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All questions are answered by Andrew Dawson-Maddocks, Director of training at the ADM Diving. Andrew has over 3000 dives logged across 4 continents and has amassed many stunning dives to 90m and beyond . ADM Diving & Technical Services Ltd is proudly associated with PADI, IANTD, EFR and DAN, offering an extensive range of training programmes.

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Question - Hi Andrew I have a Dacor regulator set which i have been informed is no good for winter diving what type of reg would be adequate without busting ...

Question - General Dive permit ??, I am a certified diver here in the US , and would like to take vacation and dive the waters of the UK next summer, are the ...

Question - Hi Andrew. Most commercial aircraft seem to drop the cabin pressure to around 0.75 bar. If the cabin is filled with air this would give a ppO2 of ...

Question - I am looking to buy a tec wing system. I am 1.55m and 52kg... What kit would you recommend. The tec diving would be done in the UK and abroad. My ...

Question - What other features to look for in a dive computer for beginning technical diving? Particularly there are models allowing two and three switches ...
I am about to buy a new dive computer and I would like to get one that would be useful for beginning technical diving. It strikes me that spendin ...

Question - I have just bought a a12 arrow greenforce battery pack with pro head which takes 30-50w halogen bulb is there a differant type of bulb i can buy i ...

Question - Andrew, I have been a recreational scuba diver for 12 years now and have made over 1000 dives and am a PADI Divemaster. I recently decided to pr ...

Question - Could anyone let me know if it is possible to convert a 300 bar DIN valve to a A clamp fitting. I have a A clamp on my 1st stage but the 12l 300 b ...

Question - Hi im looking for some advice with computers. Is there a computer that you can flag or log your boats position for extra safty when boat diving? I ...

Question - Dear Andrew, i wanted to know the recommended temperature and humidity conditions for storage of divng items made of rubber, silicone and neoprene.
Items like fins, face masks, BC, corrugated tubes etc

Question - I am going diving soon and I have been told that there are many jellyfish in the water, I want to know if anyone has tried a stingguard dive mask ...

Question - cdx5 and 300bar bottle compatability???
I just recently purchased a CDX5, Din fitting with a reg and octo I was wondering is it safe to use this with a 300 bar bottle??? Ive only starte ...

Question - I'm quite a new diver, although I'm now totally commited! I have been looking at the different types of organisations for Technical diving (TDI, ...
I'm PADI Rescue.

Question - Any information and help full tips on Instrumentation technician in saturation diving?
I'm currently learning an 'electronic, electrical and instrumentation' course at college in the UK. Just wondering if any help could be given on f ...

Question - What is the better model for underwater camcorders: SONY HDR CX560 or SONY 700 HD
I work for an Environment Agency in Northern Ireland and we are currently in the process of purcahsing a new underwater camcorder for the summer f ...

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