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All questions are answered by Andrew Dawson-Maddocks, Director of training at the ADM Diving. Andrew has over 3000 dives logged across 4 continents and has amassed many stunning dives to 90m and beyond . ADM Diving & Technical Services Ltd is proudly associated with PADI, IANTD, EFR and DAN, offering an extensive range of training programmes.

Questions posted to the technical q & a forum page are sent to Andrew for his comment and reply. Once a reply has been sent, both the question and answer will post to the forum page.

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Question - hi there everyone, just wondered if any of you good people can recommend a good dive center in the lincolnshire area. I'm new to diving and i'm lo ...
23 February Friday, 9:36 PM
Question - Hi Andrew. I've got a Nitrox pony tank and am considering just using it as a regular breathing air pony. I'm getting a bit confused about what ...
23 February Friday, 9:16 PM
Question - Hi, I'd like a course that gives me technical training to repair regulators, - dive gear in general. While they're ten to a penny in the USA it's ...
21 February Wednesday, 9:50 PM
Question - I'm a fairly recently qualified Open Water diver and have just come back from Tahiti. While there, I went on a dive with a PADI certified instruct ...
17 February Saturday, 9:20 PM
Question - Just a quickie…. Looking at buying a dive computer have you any suggestions, not looking at top of the range but one that is very good value for ...
14 February Wednesday, 11:58 PM
Question - Hi Just moved here from the states and I here there are some awesome wreck dives to be had can any one tell me where? Brandon
14 February Wednesday, 11:44 PM
Question - I've seen loads of articles about rebreather divers going solo, but my friend who is a regular tech diver says that it is not permitted in the UK, ...
14 February Wednesday, 11:33 PM
Question - Hi, I’m just going away for a couple of months across the south coasts of africa (fed up of the British climate!!!!) I actually sold my Rebreath ...
14 February Wednesday, 11:01 PM
Question - Hello, I'm completely new to technical diving and have limited experience in general diving, but i'm very interested to learn more about the techn ...
30 January Tuesday, 12:38 PM
Question - I was hoping to ask a question about the best way to deal with the problem of dive time reduction because of urine. I definately do not wish to do ...
26 January Friday, 1:59 PM
Question - Hi I was wanting to know the actual cost of becoming a fully trained tech diver and if there are many jobs to get once trained. The obvious ne ...
26 January Friday, 11:33 AM
Question - Hi, I'm thinking of doing a Nitrox course, and was wondering what were the views (not just Mr. Dawson - Maddocks but everyone) on whether to do IA ...
26 January Friday, 11:16 AM
Question - I'm thinking about getting a digital camera and housing, but even the "good" ones seem to be limited to approximately 40 metres. Do you have any r ...
25 January Thursday, 8:38 PM
Question - I am taking a degree course in health & safety. My dissertation is to produce a H&S policy, arrangements and a check list for diving. Any assista ...
1 December Friday, 3:01 PM
Question - My recreational training agency said we should dive safely and regularly in conditions less or similar to that which we have been trained. In Tech ...
28 November Tuesday, 11:21 AM
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