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All questions are answered by Andrew Dawson-Maddocks, Director of training at the ADM Diving. Andrew has over 3000 dives logged across 4 continents and has amassed many stunning dives to 90m and beyond . ADM Diving & Technical Services Ltd is proudly associated with PADI, IANTD, EFR and DAN, offering an extensive range of training programmes.

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Question - Good day Andrew, Part of my work when I was in South Africa, was to dive on electronic systems in False Bay. Now being in the UK have no use for t ...
19 November Monday, 2:38 PM
Question - hi i was wondering i just gone onto a twin set and have been sorting out the weights and ive got it down to 2kgs but i feel i could get away with ...
19 November Monday, 2:33 PM
Question - hi i was wondering whats your take on weights ive just moved onto a twin set 12ltr and use 2kilo weight belt but feel i could do away with any wei ...
19 November Monday, 2:31 PM
Question - Andrew - I have just enroled on the ANDI TSD level 3 course which is the first technical grade in teh ANDI system. Prior to the course beginning o ...
My question is this. On the course would the weight belt be around your waist (not on the wing), or as in reality the 4kg are on my TCW belt. This ...
19 November Monday, 2:16 PM
Question - Hi Andrew. A sort of medical question if you please related to a possible barotrauma. May have to post this one in the medical forum depending on ...
Yesterday I was at Dorathea. The first dive we descended to 50m for an ABT of 17 minutes. We then slowly ascended up and over the shelf past some ...
29 August Wednesday, 10:05 AM
Question - Hi, my partner and I are visiting Egypt in a few weeks and plan to do a lot of snorkling. My partner is looking to purchase a prescription mask (s ...
27 August Monday, 9:49 AM
Question - Can you advise the best way to resolve problems with equalisation. I have tried the pinching of the nose to pop them but this results in pain & th ...
I have saught the advise from my doctors surgery who have prescribed antibiotics in case I have blocked tubes from a head cold, however, I have be ...
27 August Monday, 9:44 AM
Question - forgive me if this is posted to the wrong person. My husband is being treated for tongue cancer and the treatment means that he will lose his sal ...
27 August Monday, 9:42 AM
Question - I am not a diver but I am disgusted with the diving of War Graves such as Galahad, HMS Prince of Wales etc…. do you agree with the diving of these ...
13 July Friday, 10:08 PM
Question - Can you advise on wet suit sizes am a big guy and have used a wet suit marked XL-G would that mean xl girls or xl guys
9 July Monday, 4:38 PM
Question - Wing configuration: I dived my TCW dual bladder wing for the first time today. For a first dive with one it felt ok. Any tips on hose routing or ...
The right inflator comes from slightly behind the bladder so comes up a little short. It kept dropping behind me only for me to fish it out. Also, ...
1 July Sunday, 2:37 PM
Question - Hi Andrew, Sorry to bother you again. What is your recommendation for gauges for a twin set rig? The ones I am looking at are the Apeks streaml ...
28 June Thursday, 1:26 AM
Question - Hi Andrew. What is your opinion of the Custom Diver's TCW dual bladder wing. I have the option to buy an immaculate second hand one for £250. I ha ...
22 June Friday, 5:34 PM
Question - Hi Andrew, I have a question concerning the different tech diving organisations and the courses they run. I am looking at entering the world of t ...
21 May Monday, 12:23 PM
Question - Which diving computer?
Hi there, I am an AOW diver with roughly 60 dives. I am planning on going on a diving holiday this Summer and was thinking about getting a divi ...
21 May Monday, 12:08 PM
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