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All questions are answered by Andrew Dawson-Maddocks, Director of training at the ADM Diving. Andrew has over 3000 dives logged across 4 continents and has amassed many stunning dives to 90m and beyond . ADM Diving & Technical Services Ltd is proudly associated with PADI, IANTD, EFR and DAN, offering an extensive range of training programmes.

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Question - Hi Andrew, dont want to be a nuisance as i have noticed several q's along this theme but here goes. I have always wanted to extend my sport diving ...
19 January Monday, 4:44 PM
Question - advise on solo diving. if you keep to 10 to15m do you think it is safe.
19 January Monday, 4:28 PM
Question - Hi Andrew, I doubt you will remember me but I posted a question on the forum in early August requesting your advice on how to get into technical d ...
12 September Friday, 6:34 PM
Question - Hi Had A Test Paper For My Ocean Diver Exam And I Am Stuck On One Question Please Can You Help ?
What Should You Never Do Just Before Making A Breath Heald Dive A; Take Vigorous Exercise B; Rest C;Urinate D; Take Several Deep Breaths Close ...
12 September Friday, 3:27 PM
Question - what is the accepted percentage loss in thickness of compression chambers on ultrasonic testing. which AODC/IMCA rule?
3 September Wednesday, 6:15 PM
Question - Hi Andrew I am Nitrox I qualified and tend to use Nitrox on an air profile. I usually do 3 dives a day (during a week trip) with the third dive br ...
2 September Tuesday, 6:47 PM
Question - Hi Andrew, I am interested in going down the technical route in diving (i.e. advanced nitrox, decompression procedures, extended range etc..) wi ...
7 August Thursday, 5:57 PM
Question - Greetings, this is my first posting. I'm a working PADI DM since 2003, thinking of doing my IDC, BUT I want to do some techinical stuff first t ...
7 April Monday, 4:35 PM
Question - rehydrate in water
on another thread you state "On long dives (runtime over 90mins) you must make provision on open circuit diving to rehydrate in water - do not try ...
7 April Monday, 4:34 PM
Question - cordite was washed up on the Rhinns of Islay (Isle of Islay) about 20 yrs ago. I was wondering if you might be able to tell me which wreck this wa ...
Is cordite safe to burn, but not when the sticks are bundled up, or contained? What does it smell like? Peppery? Thanks!
1 February Friday, 3:07 PM
Question - How do I know for sure if my Neprene wetsuit is too small
Seems tight to me but its the first time I tried one on. Thanks
1 February Friday, 2:58 PM
Question - Hi Andrew. I'm preparing myself to go the technical route. What makes one regulator more suitable than the next. Whenever you speak to EQUIPMENT d ...
11 January Friday, 11:14 AM
Question - Hi I am currently looking at purchasing my 1st rebreather and was wondering which would be the best one to purchase. I would want to use it to ...
19 November Monday, 3:43 PM
Question - looking into buying a new drysuit i currently have a membrane suit but it leaks pressure testing repair didn't work. your thoughts on membrane v n ...
19 November Monday, 3:41 PM
Question - Hi Andrew, Which torch would you recommend for technical diving? I have looked at GreenForce, Halcyon and Metal Sub. I am prepared to pay up to ...
19 November Monday, 3:21 PM
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