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All questions are answered by Andrew Dawson-Maddocks, Director of training at the ADM Diving. Andrew has over 3000 dives logged across 4 continents and has amassed many stunning dives to 90m and beyond . ADM Diving & Technical Services Ltd is proudly associated with PADI, IANTD, EFR and DAN, offering an extensive range of training programmes.

Questions posted to the technical q & a forum page are sent to Andrew for his comment and reply. Once a reply has been sent, both the question and answer will post to the forum page.

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Question - Hi, I'd like a course that gives me technical training to repair regulators, - dive gear in general. While they're ten to a penny in the USA it's ...

Question - Hi Andrew. I've got a Nitrox pony tank and am considering just using it as a regular breathing air pony. I'm getting a bit confused about what ...

Question - hi there everyone, just wondered if any of you good people can recommend a good dive center in the lincolnshire area. I'm new to diving and i'm lo ...

Question - Do u know the reliability of the radio transmitter used on the vytec ds as I am interested in buying 1 every1 in my club all use the cobra and it ...

Question - I am thinking about taking up deep diving with a rebreather could you give me some advice on the best route to go down as I need to be ready for d ...

Question - i have just purchased a wetsuit for diving in south africa and although it fits well everywhere else it is really big in the arms, it looks like " ...

Question - Hi I am currently looking at purchasing my 1st rebreather and was wondering which would be the best one to purchase. I would want to use it to dep ...

Question - Hi there. I am a PADI Master Scuba Diver with around 120+ dives most of which have been in UK waters. I'm considering moving onto more technical d ...

Question - Can you help, Im new to diving and just starting to build my kit list, what is the best thickness for boots is it 5mm or 3mm this is wetsuit divin ...

Question - Hi Andrew, How long can the air last in the cylinders
I have just bought some dive gear and the cylinder is reading almost full, I think it has been standing for 16 months. Best regards, El

Question - am in the process of taking a pony on board my kit as purely a bale out option. was considering where to mount the pony side or even rear mount o ...
using a 3lt pony with standard 12lt cylinder

Question - Hello, I'm a padi msdt and new to the diving scene in the uk. I was thinking of getting into the tech side of the sport and was considering purcha ...

Question - hey up i was just wondering what ur advice would be to me, i would like to be a clearance diver in the RN but i ve neva dived b4 in my life.would ...

Question - Hi Andrew, thanks for the reply on dye markers. I have ordered two OMS markers from the states as I could not find any in the UK. All I wanted t ...

Question - Andrew - I am very much interested in progressing down through the technical side of diving. I have just signed up to do the ANDI CSU Level 1 and ...

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