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Posted : January 23, 2010
Can you get a bend in the pool?
I'm part way through my open water and after the last pool sesion I've noticed a redness on my upper body thats also itchy.
After looking on the net I'm not sure if it's a skin bend, are there any other symptoms I should be looking for. At first I thought it was because the wife had changed fabric conditioner but as we've changed back its still the same, the wife has now said she thinks I'm like that after each session I've done, both in tshirt+bcd and dry suit(so its not the water) I'm going back on Tue's evening and I'll speak to the instructor then. Also 3 years ago I did a try dive in spain(45mins 5-6m) and then spent the next 4-5 days on oxygen in hosptal with what they said was a bend(funny that I didn't need a chamber). When I had my medical in Liverpool last year the doc says it was more than likely dehydration and an insurance scam.
ps Ive sent this again as I forgot to tick the box and not sure if it went.
Posted : January 25, 2010
Thanks for the query.

It's exceedingly unlikely that the amount of nitrogen taken up in a pool dive would be enough to cause a bend, and as you'd appreciate, there's a whole host of possible causes of itchy red skin. That said, I do think you should be very careful and if this happens again, flag it up to an instructor as soon as possible. Ideally you'd want to see a diving doc when you have symptoms to be sure. It's obviously difficult to diagnose without examining someone fully.

Do take all the usual precautions (stay well hydrated, warm, avoid alcohol etc.), and I'd suggest holding off on open water dives until you have an answer as to what this is.

Kind regards

Dr O
Answer provided by Dr Oliver Firth
Dr Ollie Firth
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