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Posted : October 6, 2009
Hello. Can your GP sign your medical form for diving course, I am just starting but have some medical conditions which I feel my GP would have all the info and therefore be able to fill the form in best. He however checked a website which told him it is a medical referee, I disagree as my GP signed for me before and I think he is just not sure about it. Your advice would be much appreciated, thank you
Have Polycystic kidneys, no current problems, kidney function and other tests OK, it is a hereditary disease in which some in my family show symptoms and others never do. They have me on antihypertensives and cholesterol just as a precaution to protect the kidneys against high blood pressure which we know from my fathers experience it exaserbates the problem and best to keep the old cholesterol low. I am 35 years old and also have arthritis (rheumatiod) and take arcoxia for this but despite all this I am very healthy and recently did half a marathon and participate in rock climbing often. T
Posted : October 6, 2009
Hi. Your GP can sign the PADI medical statement if they are happy to, however for BSAC (and some other organisations) an approved diving medical referee needs to sign. If you're unsure then you're best off checking with the people running the course as they should know the requirements.

From what you say you shouldn't have any difficulties but you should have a checkup before diving to ensure there are no complications with your conditions and medications that might endanger you underwater.

If you have no luck with your GP (and are in the London area) then I'd be happy to help: 0207 806 4028 for an appointment.

Hope that helps

Regards, Dr O
Answer provided by Dr Oliver Firth
Dr Ollie Firth
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